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Recent additions

  • Our junior organiser colleague Tim Onions is selling off some books for seniors at reduced and second-hand prices: see his website for details

  • Lockdown and subsequent restrictions have given me time to browse the dustier reaches of my chess library, including Napier's Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess, a compilation of his three booklets Amenities and Background of Chess, each a selection of 100 lightly annotated games to amuse and provide an educative ABC. Horowitz edited this combined work and commented:

  • Odd, it took me a long while to write this page, but Botvinnik is the player from whose games I may have learned the most. Not just from his own notes: his game against Szilagyi has often been used as a model of dark-square play; the first chapter of Euwe's Strategy and Tactics is mostly a long annotation to a game with Botvinnik; "Silman's Thinking Technique" was expounded using a Botvinnik game. He took all aspects of chess to new levels, and wrote extensively about his play and research.

  • I started coaching adults at the Exeter club in 1993, about the same time as Alan Maynard started up the current incarnation of Exeter Junior Chess Club. I went looking for some useful resources for teaching, and there were some, but mostly I became a magpie, picking shiny bits out of various good books. I did find it irksome that so many books repeated familiar examples, and I thought I could at least pull those out for my colleagues, and that became the core of the Canon. I found particularly useful:
    * Tony Gillam - Simple Chess Tactics and Simple Checkmates

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