Book recommendations

I was recently asked for some book recommendations, and thought easy-peasy, I'll point them to something online.  Then I looked at some lists, and thought I'd write my own...  Just books, not videos or Chessable courses.  Lots of really great books omitted.  The ChessDojo list isn't too bad.


HERTAN. Basic Chess Openings for Kids
GILLAM Simple Chess Tactics and Checkmates
CHERNEV The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played(*) KOSTEN Winning Endgames
del GIOCONDO A first book of Morphy
WEBB Chess for Tigers
EMMS Discovering Chess Openings
STEAM Simple Chess(*)
EMMS Simple Chess

CHERNEV Capablanca's 60 Best Chess Endgames HARTSTON Kings of Chess
RETI Masters of the Chessboard(*)
One-volume basic opening repertoire e.g. COLLINS Simple Chess Repertoire
MacDONALD Starting Out: French
AAGAARD/LUND Meeting 1.d4 (Tarrasch Defence)
SEIRAWAN Winning Chess Tactics
VUKOVIC The Art of Attack
EMMS More Simple Chess
SEIRAWAN/SILMAN Winning Chess Strategy

SEIRAWAN Winning Chess Endgames FISCHER My 60 Memorable Games
TAL Life and Games
Picking a style e.g.
EMMS Attacking with 1.e4
WATSON A Strategic Opening Repertoire for White
GALLAGHER Play the King's Indian
EMMS Easy Guide to the Nimzo-Indian
WATSON Play the French
GOLUBEV Easy Guide to the Dragon
BURGESS Instructive Chess Puzzles
SILMAN Reassess Your Chess
HANSEN Improve your Positional Chess
SILMAN Complete Endgame Course (first few chapters) BOTVINNIK My Best Chess Games 1940-67
ROWSON The Seven Deadly Chess Sins
WATSON Mastering the Chess Openings 1-4
JACOBS Analyse to Win
WATSON Chess Strategy in Action
van PERLO Endgame Tactics
NUNN Secrets of Grandmaster Play
ROWSON Chess for Zebras

AAGAARD Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation
AAGAARD Grandmaster Preparation: Positional play
AAGAARD Grandmaster Preparation: Endgames STOHL Modern Chess Masterpieces KASPAROV My Great Predecessors 1-5

(*) Originally in Descriptive but Algebraic available

Juniors: start with my books with Tim Onions, then graduate to the Gambit books 'for Kids', apart from their Opening one, which is a boring catalogue.

P.S. Compilers of chess book lists: do split your list by level, and don't recommend books available only in Descriptive, or My System.  I know, My System is a great book, but there are better books to learn that stuff from now.  When I was a boy, it was literally in a class by itself, but not now.  See also: Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, Chess Fundamentals, Ideas behind the chess openings etc etc