Chess Calendars

Event calendar on this website:

There is a database of past and future Devon Junior events on the Devon Junior Chess Association website.

Tim Onions also keeps a list of junior events on his website:

The list of Devon junior events is mirrored on an open Google Calendar:

[Try the Agenda view]

Similar Google Calendar lists are maintained by me for:
Exeter Chess Club events:

Devon County Chess Association and other SW chess events:

You should be able to view and use Google calendars on your smartphone.  

The Junior and Devon calendars are shown together on a web page here:

The Exeter, Devon and Junior calendars are shownin a little box on the Exeter front page, with links to Google:

You should find news of local events and leagues at Chess Devon and Chess Hawk:

Lastly, there is a nicely-organised list of all chess events kept by the English Chess Federation:

Please let me know if I have missed anything - an event from a calendar, or a calendar from this list!