Mysterious moves

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"We perceive after a careful consideration of the evolution of the chess mind that such evolution has gone on, in general, in a way quite similar to that in which it goes on with the individual chess player, only with the latter more rapidly." -- Richard RETI

"The delight in gambits is a sign of chess youth... In very much the same way as the young man, on reaching his manhood years, lays aside the Indian stories and stories of adventure, and turns to the psychological novel, we with maturing experience leave off gambit playing and become interested in the less vivacious but withal more forceful manoeuvres of the position player."

-- Emanuel LASKER

So when you learn chess you should play like Morphy, then later like Tarrasch... and still later, if you're feeling funky, you can try and play like Nimzowitsch.

Morphy-Amateur, 1858

Tarrasch-Janowsky, 1907

Samisch-Nimzo, 1923

However, no-one can play like Alekhin:

"Alekhin's chess is like a god's. One can revere, but never hope to emulate." -- Chess World.

Reti-Alekhin, 1925