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Class: A
Classsort descending Topics Title
A Openings The Deadly English
A Strategy New starting formations (Tabi'at)
A Praxis Club Games - Andrew Pickering at work
A Strategy On manoeuvres
A Praxis Steve Homer at work
A Praxis Dr.Dave's Adventures at East Devon, 2014
A Praxis Chunking in patterns of GM thought
A Endings Double Bishop Endgames
A Openings Spanish Torture? The Ruy Lopez
A Praxis Dr.Dave's Adventures at East Devon 2016
A Openings The Closed Sicilian
A Praxis Meat and potatoes
A Openings Taimanov's Legacy
A Openings You know when you've been Benko'd
A Openings Do New Ideas Stand Up in Practice? by GM Richard Reti
A Strategy Who's afraid of the Big Bad Minority attack?
A books, Openings Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik by Imre Konig
A Endings How to mate with Bishop and Knight
A Praxis Dr.Dave's Further Adventures at East Devon
A Strategy Space and potential (mud, mud, glorious mud)
A Tactics Preparation for Combinations
A Praxis Lessons from Tartakower
A Praxis Lessons from Petrosian
Class: B
Classsort descending Topics Title
B Endings Bishop Endgames
B Praxis Dr.Dave's Adventures at East Devon, 2000
B Openings The Bogoljubow Paradox
B Endings Basic Rook Endgames
B Praxis Lessons from Larsen
B Endings Two weaknesses
B Praxis Lessons from Rubinstein
B Openings The Variations of the King's Gambit
B Praxis Club Games - Steve Webb at work
B Praxis Club Games - Mark Blackmore on a roll
B Openings Slav or Semi?
B Openings SuperMac!
B Endings Studies and problems
B Strategy Doubled c-Pawns
B Strategy Weak squares
B Openings The Ideas behind the English Opening
B Openings Five Sicilians from club play
B Openings The Ideas behind the King's Gambit
B Praxis Lessons from Capablanca
B Openings The Hypermodern Approach
B Openings Dr.Dave's Adventures with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
B Strategy Mysterious moves
B Strategy "To take is a mistake"
B Openings The Modern Italian Game
B Praxis Contempt for Pawns
B Strategy Planning
B Openings The Ideas Behind the Modern Defence
B Attack The Theory of Steinitz
B Openings The Sicilian Defence
B Openings The French 'Little Centre'
B Openings The Queen's Gambit Accepted/Isolated Queen's Pawn
B Strategy Bishops: good, bad and both.
B Praxis Lessons from Lasker
B Tactics Strategy and Tactics
B Attack Capablanca - Master of the Attack
B Strategy The Queen's-side attack
B Strategy Pawn mobility
B Openings The London System
Class: C
Classsort descending Topics Title
C Openings The Swiss Defence
C Endings Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation: White wins
C Openings The secret arts of castling
C Openings Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings (3): without c2-c4
C Openings The French Defence for Beginners II: Key Variations
C Praxis Compensation for material?
C Strategy Pawn formations
C Praxis Chess style
C Openings Systems against the English Opening: book resources
C Praxis Safe and solid?
C Praxis Lessons from Bobby Fischer
C Openings Tales of the Unexpected: dealing with Unorthodox Openings
C Openings Beating the Anti-Indians
C Strategy Schematic thinking
C Strategy Weak pawns
C Openings The Colle System
C Endings A Rook Ending: Capablanca-Janowsky
C Strategy Opposite-coloured Bishops in the endgame and the middle-game
C Endings Rook Endings in Practice
C Praxis Chess with Attitude
C Tactics Blunders at East Devon
C Openings Moller
C Attack The Very Slow King's-side Attack
C The Solid Sicilian
C Openings The Dutch Stonewall
C Openings The Petroff Defence for Beginners
C Benonis
C Openings Playing White against odd Black defences after 1.e4
C Openings Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings
C Openings Custer's Last Stand
C Strategy Exchanging to Win
C Praxis Lessons from Mikhail Tal
C Openings Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings (1) Cambridge Springs
C Openings Gambits
C Openings Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings (2): Semi-Slav and Exchange
C Openings Playing White against odd Black defences after 1.e4 (1)
C Openings Playing White against odd Black defences after 1.e4 (2)
C Openings The Caro-Kann
C Openings Playing White against odd Black defences after 1.e4 (3)
Class: D
Classsort descending Topics Title
D Coaching Getting started with the Coaching stuff
D Praxis A disaster in the Stonewall
D Tactics A course in chess tactics
D Tactics Vukovic's mates
D Openings Playing Black against King's-Pawn Openings (1.e4)
D Openings Ten rules for the opening
D Openings No More Old Stodge!
D Openings The Italian Game for beginners
D Endings Rook Endings in Theory
D Praxis General Middlegame Advice
D Praxis Cool Tips
D Openings Choosing an Opening Repertoire
D Endings MiddleGame Endings and Endgame Openings
D Strategy Rooks on ranks and files
D Tactics Essential checkmate patterns
D Strategy Kings and Queens
D Tactics Get your eye in -- basic practice in noticing attacks
D Endings Mate with the Two Bishops
D Praxis Lessons from Morphy
D Openings Four Choices in the Opening
D Endings Outside passed Pawns
D Strategy The Fianchetto: a user's guide
D Endings Mate with Two Bishops
D Openings The French Defence for Beginners I: Key Ideas
D Openings Minor Opening Mistakes
D Attack Attacking the castled King
D Openings No more Old Stodge! (2)
D Praxis Bruce Rowston at work
D Openings Minor Openings
D Openings The Ulvestad Variation of the Two Knights' Defence
D Tactics Upon the pin
D Endings Winning a drawn endgame
D Openings Playing 1.d4 for juniors
D Endings Queen against Pawn
D Tactics Lessons in Philidor's Defence
D Openings Nineteenth-Century Openings
D Endings Exchanging into King Endings
D Endings General advice on the endgame
D Openings A first opening repertoire
D Strategy Knight outposts
Class: G
Classsort descending Topics Title
G books CHRISTMAS BOOK REVIEW: last minute gifts for the unimproved player
G misc Play through PGN collections
G Coaching Book review: Danger in chess - Avni
G Praxis Why do we lose?
G Coaching Chess and Psychology
G misc Levels ratings and grades
G misc How to play chess
G Praxis Clock control
G The Art of Analysis
G techie 404 Not found
G techie 403 Forbidden
G Openings A la carte
G Tactics Practical Tactics
G Praxis The Art of Analysis, Part 2
G misc PDF versions of handouts
G Openings Play the Opening like a Champion
G Praxis Is there luck in chess?
G books Book recommendations
G Coaching Lessons from the lost No.1s
G misc Semi-Random Baseline Chess
G Praxis The Great BICS Internet Chess Match
G Tactics Visualization/Analysis in Chess
G Praxis Two Open Games
G Praxis Lessons from Korchnoi
G Praxis Lessons from Anand
G Praxis Lessons from Carlsen
G Praxis Lessons from Kramnik
G style Lessons from Karpov
G style Lessons from Boris Spassky
G Praxis Exeter Chess Club Simul 1995
G local Calendars
G Openings Opening workshop 2018
G misc Chess Notation
G Praxis What makes a difference?
G Praxis Lessons from Judit Polgar
G Praxis Shakespeare Annotates
G misc Lessons from Jan Timman
G Coaching Lessons from World Champions and others
G misc Lessons from John Nunn
G misc Lessons from Euwe
G misc Lessons from Smyslov
G misc Lessons from Alekhin
G Praxis Lessons from Steinitz
G misc Morphy vs Steinitz
G Openings Opening workshop 2018 part 2
G Praxis Club games
G Praxis Random Chess Advice
G misc An ABC of chess
G techie Test canvas AOK
G techie FEN2diag.pl: a Perl script to convert FEN chess positions to human-readable diagrams
G Praxis Exeter Club Championship Rapidplay Tournament 2013-2014
G Openings, Tactics Lessons in Philidor's Defence - live action version
G misc This page intentionally left blank
G Coaching Coaching Summer 2014
G Praxis DGT XL clocks
G Openings Opening Workshop 2015
G Praxis Time trouble
G Endings Passed Pawn Pandemonium
G Tactics Tim's Tactics
G misc Knight's Tour
G Dr.Dave's Adventures at East Devon, 2013
G blog Test Theme Page
G Praxis Lucky escapes
G Strategy Middlegame gym
G misc Going back in time
G misc Exeter Club Championship & Rapidplay Tournament 2012-2013
G Praxis The pieces at their best
G Praxis The Art of Analysis, Part 1
G Praxis To take is a mistake - tension in the chess position
G Tactics Shredder/Chess Tutor Daily Chess Puzzle (IFRAME)
G Praxis A chess glossary
G Tactics The Improving Annotator
G Praxis Assess Your Chess
G Coaching Free chess coaching videos online
G misc Said the Elephant to the Bishop...
G Praxis Exeter Chess Club Championship 2016-17
G Praxis Exeter Chess Club RAPIDPLAY Championship 2016-17
G Praxis Club competitions
G Praxis Club Championship 2014/15
G misc Duck Chess
G Openings ECO Opening codes: list with variation names
G Praxis What's wrong with club players? An MOT for us all
G Tactics Erro ergo sum: analysis and error
G Praxis Club Championship 2015/16
G Endings Who would win in a fight between a lion and a bear? (endgame fortresses)
G Praxis How do Chess-Players Think?
G Openings Openings Workshop 2013
G misc The chess family tree
G Tactics Blunder-proofing your game
G misc Chess Coaching Summer 2011 (updated 23rd August)