Peter Rooke Knockout Cup Final Sun 21st May 2023 2.30pm

There was an early exclamation of dismay when poor Hazel overlooked an attack on her Queen on Board 8, and shortly after Pengxiao emerged smiling after a 20-move crush of a King's Indian Defence, leaving Exeter 2-0 up. It was soon 3-0 when Reece put away his opponent in a game where both sides were reluctant to castle. Opposing captain Jon Underwood claimed one back on board 2 in an extra-closed Sicilian, but Will Marjoram gradually climbed out of the swamp into which he had sunk to leave Seaton needing to win all the remaining games.

Peter Rooke Cup FINAL Sat 19th May 2018 Exeter 2½-5½ Newton Abbot

(A) Exeter 2½-5½ Newton Abbot (H)

Graham Bolt 196 (B) ½-½ Paul Brooks 170 (W)
Dave Regis 166 (W) ½-½ Alan Brusey 158 (B)
Sean Pope 140 ½-½ Vignesh Ramesh
Tony Hart 135 0-1 Andrew Kinder
John Guard 130 ½-½ John Allen
Will Marjoram 128 ½-½ Jacquie Barber-Lafon
John Maloney 108 0-1 Mike Hussey
Brian Aldwin 88 0-1 Z Grophulous

Exeter 2½-5½ Newton Abbot

Games to follow

Your mileage may vary

[SIMPLE AND SOUND: Basic openings for Black: Sicilian Dragon and King's Indian]

Lessons from Steinitz

"This little man," said Adolf Schwarz, "taught us all to play chess".

Steinitz started as a dashing attacking player, in the style common at the time, and claimed the World Championship after defeating Anderssen in a match (although the official beginning of the lineal championship began with his match with Zukertort many years later). By the time he played Zukertort, he was playing in a completely different style, and in the development of Steinitz' style we can see the beginnings of modern chess.

Lessons from Judit Polgar

I don't entirely like the parade of endless men in the 'Lessons from...' series, so here's one from the other half of humanity, and a fine Appendix to the list of guys that ever joined the 'Vera Menchik Club'.

Judit Polgar was strongest woman chess player ever. She never became World Champion, and was never interested in becoming World Women’s World Chess Champion ( a title held by her two sisters, Susan and Sofia). She was in the world top ten and improving when she retired.


[Event "Buenos Aires Sicilian"]

Safe and solid?

From a recent email
"The most important single feature of a chess position is the activity of the pieces... (opening, middle, and especially endgame)... The primary constraint on pieces' activity is the pawn structure."
-- Michael STEAN
[Event "Merseyside League"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2019.10.15"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Blades, Tony"]
[Black "Webb, Tom"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "A45"]
[PlyCount "49"]
[EventDate "2019.??.??"]

Lessons from Anand

Anand's easy manner sits on top of a breathtaking attacking verve and capacity for creative counterplay.


The imaginative attacking finish seems to belong to an earlier era, while the opening play is all modern. The Scandinavian leads to an early release of central tension, and, if Black can develop smoothly, will have no problems. This line is an attempt to prevent Black from developing smoothly, and no end of rule-breaking goes on to that end.

[Event "Biel"]
[Site "Biel"]


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