Pawndemic precautions

We're not meeting at the moment in-person or online. Please email to be added to our mailing list and we we let you know our plans about re-opening. We recommend and for safe online chess for young people.
Dear Junior Chess Players We would, of course, like to start meeting with you all again in-person. But at the moment, we are hesitant to do so in September. Now, in early August, infection rates are quite high, and we simply don't know what it's going to be like in the Autumn. We are still being advised to limit social contact, and the chess club certainly comes under that. Our club is a mixture of young people in different year groups, from different schools, who often like to chat while facing each other over the board. That seems an ideal setting to spread coronavirus! We don't have a lot of space to seat people so they don't face each other. And I think even if we asked members to wear masks during play, there would be significant risk of infection. My feeling at the moment is that we will wait to see what happens when schools go back in September, and, if infection rates are low and stay low, and perhaps if school testing continues, we can plan a re-start after the October half-term. Your comments are invited. I know we have several medics among our parents who may have a more informed view. bw DrDave & MrB

Exeter Junior Chess Club